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Due to hand fatique and blisters recreational bowlers tend to quit their game earlier. Therefore QubicaAMF house balls have an extra wide bevel to provide the most comfortable grip possible. The more time your customers spend on the lanes the more revenue you will drive.
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Broken nails. Blisters. Hand fatigue. More than minor complaints, they’re among the biggest reasons why bowlers stop playing. But you can put an end to this, and drive more revenue through quicker turnovers and increased comfort, with our Smart Ball System—a one-of-a-kind house ball system proven to improve bowler satisfaction. Fast, simple selection and our exclusive Comfort Fit Grip make for happier bowlers—and more games.

Smart Ball System
The Qubica AMF Smart Ball System includes everything you need to get rolling: an innovative fitting and display ball, selection chart for fast size and weight identification, and color-coordinated balls (with seven different grip sizes and 11 different weights) for fast ball selection.

Fastest Ball Selection
The Qubica AMF Smart Ball System speeds turnover by getting bowlers to their lanes seven minutes faster on average. That means more games during your peak times. And it could add up to thousands more in revenue per year! Plus, each ball has its weight engraved on two sides, making it a snap for bowlers to find the right one, fast!

The World’s Most Comfortable Grip
Our exclusive patented design offers 50% larger beveling than the competition. Reducing hand fatigue, bowlers will be more satisfied—and may bowl an extra game or two.

Guaranteed Performance
All Smart Balls are made of durable urethane, guaranteed for two years. They also illuminate under black light—igniting play and stirring your bowlers to keep coming back

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