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Technology is in our DNA!
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Technology is in our DNA!

We start from the innermost part, the weight block, and work our way out. In this case, it’s the inventive Supercoil weight block. The intent was to develop a super low RG shape with a greater undrilled intermediate differential. Traditionally, weight blocks with more of the mass placed around the equator drive the RG down and read the midlane better. The cutaway on the Y-axis helps to maintain dynamic integrity after drilling. When it’s time, the coverstock is poured. In just a few minutes as the liquid transitions to a solid, an extreme amount of heat (about 200 °F) needs to be released for this to happen.

We refer to this as “exotherm”. This stage in the process is crucial to the chemistry of the coverstock and by controlling the peak temperature, heat rate, and cooldown speed we can manipulate the chemical porosity deep within that helps with oil absorption and displacement. This creates caverns of porosity and cliffs so deep which give this state-of-the-art shell the kind of cutting-edge traction that’ll leave you in awe. Enter: EXO Reactive coverstock.

Tech Specs

Color Red/Black/Violet 
Fragrance:  Strawberry Shortcake 
CoverstockeXo Solid Reactive
Finish2000 Grit Abralon
Core: Supercoil 
Flare Potential: High  
Weights: 12-16 Lbs
16 2.47 .050 .021
15 2.47 .053 .023
14 2.53 .048 .020
13 2.57 .032 .010
12 2.59 .029 .008


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More Information
Brand Storm
Performance High Performance
Finish Matte
Color Multicolor